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3G Logic holds a team of professionals highly skilled in Application Maintenance and who can understand your business goals from your business point of view. Our line of attack involves maintaining, troubleshooting, examining and assessing your application for improved efficiency and presentation. We move on strategically considering the basic business requirements of our clients. The project management methodologies that we employ can present successful and timely support. With 3G Logic, you will find no complexities since we perform thorough tests and provide methodologically implemented updates by enforcing our change management policies.

Our Application Maintenance Services

  • Desk support for technical aid
  • Examining fault if any
  • Design update
  • Review of code
  • Application testing
  • Maintaining documentation
  • Improving application
  • Round the clock support and maintenance of application systems

Our Application Maintenance Methodology

We have attained mastery over the application maintenance methodology for the continuing transfer of duties from the in-house maintenance team of our customers to our offshore team. Since great differences are there conditional on the application type and the scope of the project; we have generated our approach for project maintenance in four different stages. These effective methods help breaking down the maintenance process into certain systematic levels. The process is explained in four phases:

Phase 1

  • We choose team on the basis of the execution platform, software settings, operating systems, business environment, databases, etc.
  • Our experts gather indepth knowledge about the business domain and a total consideration of the application implementation.
  • Organize for the proper form of maintenance together with a steady knowledge transfer to the team of offshore maintenance.

Phase 2

  • Our process alleviates infrastructure and the support processes.
  • Acquire thorough knowledge regarding the scope and complication of technical and business matters.
  • Offer training program to the maintenance team under the complete supervision of the onsite team.

Phase 3

  • Obtain thorough understanding of the environment for application execution, business logic and structural or design knowledge.
  • Client team to maintain most complicated actions like modify prioritization and version control.

Phase 4

  • Our process offers steady state support.
  • We assume the total operation for maintenance from versioning and end-user support to help desk activities.