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The main mantra to flutter in the present age of business is to migrate from old inheritance systems to new technologies. This way of working can reduce cycle times, maintenance costs and increase access to critical data, software architecture and scalability and consistency. At 3G Logic, we offer expert solution for application migration turning from old systems to the recent platforms.

We customize proven methodologies and incessant solutions for flawless migration of application right from planning, installing, and validating, to changing, testing and data migration. With our specialized team of experts, we have developed a migration approach that includes our proven methodologies for project management with uncomplicated migration techniques. Our result-oriented migration approach has come up from our wide experience in migrating applications, databases, and operating systems platforms.

Our Process for Application Migration

  • Thorough examination of latest applications
  • Identify right technology and platform
  • Replacement of outdated applications through new development or incorporation of recognized products
  • Application migration to the new platform
  • Design, expansion and addition of the new environment

Business Value through Our Application Migration Process

  • Affluence of the recent technology framework
  • Improved and scalable architecture
  • XML web services incorporation
  • Less costs for maintenance and support
  • Lesser or zero downtime.
  • Easy incorporation with other applications