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3G Logic is an experienced firm specializes in CRE Loaded Development and Customization which is widely used Open Source E-Commerce Application and provides assistance to online business owners to sell their products or services through e-commerce and meet the business goals. Our understanding of web development techniques has authorized us with outstanding CRE Loaded development which includes shopping cart design, improvement, and integration and customization services. The technologies we implement for CRE Loaded development are all-inclusive and incorporate various features that can be activated or deactivated as per your business requirements.

CRE Loaded Theme Design and Integration

We offer custom built, exclusive CRE Loaded design templates to give your website professional look and user friendly layout. Our professional approaches mix with your business process and design a theme that exposes it in the best possible way. Furthermore, we also deliver a comprehensive set of services based upon the development, integration, installation and theme customization.

CRE Loaded Customization Services

If your website component is not serving your website’s purpose well then we have the perfect solution for you. With our skilled team of CRE Loaded developers we give you proper customization facility to improve any functionality of your online business or management area and can generate it to meet your requirements. Our CRE Loaded customization process incorporates proper integration of customized modules together with the standard characteristics of the cart.

CRE Loaded Module / Plug-in Development


We aim to perk up the functionality and popularity of your online store among the customers by implementing our intelligently developed CRE Loaded Modules. Besides functionality, these extensions are capable of minimizing the load of work and improve the power of your CRE Loaded cart. The specialty of our CRE Loaded developed modules and plug-ins is that they are easy to install and configure and it offers you more effective CRE Loaded e-commerce solution.

Key Features of CRE Loaded eCommerce Store

  • Display of multiple images per product
  • Reporting of monthly tax and sales
  • Email, phone and chat assistance
  • Incorporated payment and shipping modules
  • Full-included file distribution and content management system
  • Meta tag controllers
  • Download controller for managing sales and downloadable files
  • Availability of B2B tools like wholesale pricing, customer groups, etc.
  • Incorporated security options