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What is Web 2.0 ?

Web 2.0 explicates a broader meaning covering a great number of areas ranging from website design and new business models to software design. It includes an array of technical and social trends that introduce the use of internet and a new section of web applications.

3G Logic has the proficiency, experience and resources to implement custom web 2.0 applications meeting our clients’ needs and budget. Web 2.0 is the latest version of internet services employed in developing purposes such as, advanced internet applications, wiki, social networking sites, community portals and communication tools. Our web 2.0 development approach ensures our clients with the delivery of the new generation of Web. As an experienced firm with pool of expert hands, we offer custom Web 2.0 design , programming services, Web 2.0 product development and consulting services to companies worldwide.

High-End Internet Applications

We employ AJAX (Asynchronous Java Script and XML), Adobe Flash, Flex, and Open Laszlo technologies for developing rich Web 2.0 Internet Applications (RIA). We are here to plan, create, design, test and then make use of Web 2.0 design and programming services following the basic guidelines to deliver the quality standards and then fully incorporating them into the business processes and system environments of our clients.

Common Web 2.0 Applications

  • Rich Web 2.0 Design
  • Social Networking Application
  • Micro-Blogging Applications
  • Web Portal Development
  • Custom Web Application Development
  • E-Commerce Application Development
  • CMS Application Development

The team of dedicated and expert Web 2.0 developers in our portfolio has an exclusive knowledge in technical methods, functional knowledge, result driven management and wide experience.

Our Key Strength in the Field

  • Software Upgrade
  • Software Designing and Application Analysis
  • Web Development
  • Systems Programming
  • E-Commerce Website Design and Development Solutions
  • Database Regulation and Automated Maintenance

Our Business Strategy for Web 2.0 Development

We work intimately with our clients to let them understand their business vision and approach to plan, execute and maintain their Web 2.0 schemes. We know the hinges of business and so we keep a close eye to identify your business objectives. Our effort lies in determining the benefits that Web 2.0 can offer and then develop a detailed roadmap for solution accomplishment. For meeting your offshore 2.0 development needs, you can hire expert web 2.0 developers from us and we will stand up to your expectation level.