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X-Cart eCommerce Store Development

X-cart is a robust CMS based open source Shopping Cart Solution and know for its flexibility and SEO compatibility. It’s a commercial solution, however, it is very competitively priced and is easy to modify solution. It provides extensive administration controls and command over the look-and-feel of your online store with the advantages like a fast storefront access, a high-level server security as well as a strong technical support that will go a long way in answering all your business requirements.

Key Areas of X-Cart Development & Customization

  • Installation & configuration
  • Module development & customization
  • Functionality Customization
  • Store Maintenance & Support
  • Theme Design and Design Integration
  • Upgrades
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Comprehensive management system
  • Report management system

Key features/advantages f of X-Cart eCommerce Store

  • W3C-compliant storefront with a CSS-based layout
  • Uses Smart templates system which many programmers like to work with for use in website designing
  • Shopper friendly & highly design flexible
  • Easy inventory management
  • Full multi-language support
  • Real-time shipping cost estimation